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Reach more customers and gain insights about your activities by displaying your products on Batzo.

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Reach thousands of interested buyers.

Displaying your product catalog on Batzo enables you to reach new customers with a high purchase intent. In addition to a direct link to your online-shop, shoppers are provided with extensive product information which helps them make the right purchase decision. This increases the likeliness of conversion once they visit your shop and contributes to reducing returns.

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Inform people about special deals.

Let shoppers know whenever you are offering special sales promotions. You can advertise everything from price deals and coupons to rebates, price packs, sampling offers and more. The additional value offered to your customers can also be reflected in the price rankings, allowing your offers to be displayed prominently.

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Facilitate your customers' purchase experience.

Increase your conversion rate by allowing customers to buy your products directly on Batzo. The simple checkout process and reduced number of steps to purchase a product improves the customer experience and lowers the chance of cart abandonment. You get notified of every sale and can easily manage your orders.


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Handle customer feedback and support buyers.

Build trust and improve customer satisfaction by responding to the feedback expressed by online shoppers about their purchase experience. You may as well answer the questions of interested buyers about the products you are offering.

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Business Intelligence

Gain insights about your sales and products.

Advanced reports offer various insights about your offers and visitors. Detailed statistics let you know everything about sales, clicks, visitors and more. All information is available in Batzo's interface as well as with the Business Api.

Additional Features

Manage your shop with ease.

  • Retail Stores

    Help shoppers find your physical shops and provide them with personalised advice before making a purchase decision.

  • Inventory Management

    Lead customers towards the right retail store by showing them the availability of the product they intend to purchase.

  • Simple Imports

    Import your data with product feeds, file uploads or integrations with online shopping platforms.

  • Smart Alerts

    Get alerted of unusual activities or when something requires your attention.

  • Product Overview

    Keep an overview of all your listed products, stores and inventory and easily manage their settings.

  • Periodical Reports

    Subscribe to weekly reports of your activities and visitors and gain insights to help improve your sales strategy.


How Batzo supports your business.

  • High visibility

    Displaying your offers and products on immediatly increases their visibility and makes your shop easier to reach.

  • Quality leads

    On, potential buyers have access to detailed information about offers and products. After a click to your website, the probability of a sale is increased.

  • Extensive Information

    Information such as reviews, tests and detailed facts about offers and products displayed on increase the attractiveness of your products.

  • Increased Trust

    Only serious shops are allowed on Shops which do not leave our visitors satisfied are removed from the site. Therefore the confidence of our shoppers about a purchase is increased.

  • Clear Billing

    There are no hidden costs and you always keep an overview of your services.

  • Cancel any time

    Your subscription on is renewed every month and cancelable at any time.


In order to display your products on Batzo, you can choose between paying for the number of clicks made to your shop or choosing between one of the unlimited plans.

  • Starter

    30.- CHF / Month

    500 Products

  • Business

    200.- CHF / Month

    5000 Products

  • Enterprise

    499 CHF / Month

    Unlimited Products

  • As you go

    0.20 CHF / Click

    Unlimited Products


An online shop, a legal entity and product data are mandatory to act as a merchant.

  • Online Shop

    Your products need to be available on your own online shop.

  • Register of Commerce

    In order to guarantee the quality of the offers on, we only accept shops which are registered in the register of commerce.

  • Product Data

    In order to keep the offers on up to date, you have to provide a data feed which we can retrieve frequently. We do accept product feeds in CSV format.