About Price Comparison

Helping you make smart and informed purchasing decisions

We continuously gather new informations in order to provide you with the most comprehensive data.

Batzo is a user-friendly price comparison website were you can compare and shop any kind of product. We are constantly collecting and compiling data about products, prices and deals from thousands of stores to make it available to you easily and for free.

Why Comparison Shopping?

Price finder tools have gained a lot in popularity in the last few years. This is partly due to the increased number of online merchants who are now online. The central feature of price comparison websites is that they give you access to an huge amount of information on products and prices from all sorts of retailers.

There is more to an offer than its price

The product pages on Batzo feature more than just prices. We also provide more specific informations about products such as reviews and product specifications. We do also suggest similar products you may find interesting based on their ratings and their price.

Making sense of the flood of offers

Millions of products, hundreds of millions of offers, thousands of vendors. All nicely organised and sorted for you to find what you wish at the best price.

Most consumers wish to spend as few as possible on the product they want to buy. Having an overview of all the offers form various merchants on a single page is the most effective way to find the offer that suits you best.

On Batzo, you can discover products in a wide variety of categories including apparel, electronics, games, groceries and many more. If you are looking for a specific products you can use the search feature or the scanner which allows you to scan a barcode on a product. We are constantly adding to the list of merchants and products displayed on the site. The merchants present on Batzo are periodically reviewed in order to guarantee a high level of satisfaction for you.

How can I buy on Batzo?

Batzo is not an online shop and does not sell products. We are an information source for consumers and help them find the merchant which suits them best. If you wish to buy a product displayed on Batzo, follow the link to one of the offers that appeals most to you. You will then be able to purchase the product on the merchant’s website.

Creating a sustainable future for all of us

By redistributing a percentage of the money spent shopping online to environmental organisations, the negative impact of e-commerce on our planet can be reduced.

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