List your Products

Displaying your products on helps you reach more clients. Every day, potential buyers inform themselves on in order to compare products and find the best offers. By displaying your own offers and products on our website, you gain access to new potential clients who have already been thoroughly informed about your product and show a strong purchase intent.


  • High visibility
    Displaying your offers and products on immediatly increases their visibility and makes your shop easier to reach.
  • Quality leads
    On, potential buyers have access to detailed information about offers and products. After a click to your website, the probability of a sale is increased.
  • Increased Trust
    Only serious shops are allowed on Shops which do not leave our visitors satisfied are removed from the site. Therefore the confidence of our shoppers about a purchase is increased.
  • Clear Billing
    There are no hidden costs and you always keep an overview of your services.
  • Cancel any time
    Your subscription on is renewed every month and cancelable at any time.


  • Online Shop
    Your products need to be available on your own online shop.
  • Register of commerce
    In order to guarantee the quality of the offers on, we only accept shops which are registered in the register of commerce.
  • Data Feed
    In order to keep the offers on up to date, you have to provide a data feed which we can retrieve frequently. We do accept product feeds in CSV format.